IT Solutions for the Energy Industry

Experience & Skills to service your Energy Needs

The energy industry has experienced renewed growth and with that growth comes the technology that drives it. Specialized software tools are needed to keep pace with this expanding market and those tools can be complex to setup and support.  Additionally, there are many field workers who need access to critical systems.

There is a need for a unique skillset that can support IT operations within this industry. This requires direct experience with energy-specific software and tools that are needed to drive the company forward.


  • Software is too specialized to support
  • Setup and installation is complex
  • Remote users are not easily supported


  • Experience with energy industry-specific software and tools
  • Knowledgeable IT support engineers who have worked with the software vendors
  • Remote access tools and optional remote onsite support

Our experienced technical team at Southern Networks brings that unique skillset that energy companies require.  We have worked with the major software vendors such as SMT (Kingdom),  Petra, LanPro, OGsys, BlueView, Enertia, HIS Powertools, Nueralog, and many others specific to the energy industry.


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Exploration Software Support

Energy exploration requires a modest investment in hardware platforms, software tools and applications.

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Remote Field Technical Support

Remote support is critical when users are in the field and away from the office.

Energy is a fast-growing industry

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