IT Questions

Understanding Information Technology

There are many questions surrounding IT.  Many organizations struggle with understanding technologies and how they fit within their organizational structure.  Below are some questions many companies and organizations ask themselves.

What is "The Cloud"

The Cloud can mean many things to many people. But what does the cloud mean to your business? We’ll help you create a working cloud solution.

How does a server help?

A server is vital to an efficient organization, as it is the backbone for all applications and technology services.

Are My Data Backups Good Engough?

Your data is your business.  If your data is lost, it can severely impact businesses with loss of time, money, and customers.

Is a firewall important?

A firewall will stop malicious intruders from coming into the network through the Internet from either corrupting or stealing your data.

Still Have Questions?

If there are any more questions you may have regarding IT and how technology can work with your company or organization, contact Southern Networks today to get answers that will help guide your IT decisions.