Are my data backups good enough?

Your data is your business.  If your data is lost, it can severely impact businesses with a loss of time, money, and customers. The solution is to back up that data.

Data backups are a critical component of a well-managed network. They will allow you to restore files or recover entire systems.  As long as they are verified and you are sure the data on the backups are validated, data backups can save the day.

Over the years, the methods used to backup data have evolved. In the modern PC era, magnetic tapes were the technology to use. As they emerged, new technologies such as re-writeable CD-ROM, flash drive, and even local portable hard drives have found their way into organizations. All of these media have their advantages and disadvantages:

Magnetic TapeNo significant advantageAntiquated technology, slow
Flash DrivesInexpensive, portableStorage space is limited
Local Hard DrivesInexpensive, portableProne to failure
Re-Writeable CDNo significant advantageAntiquated technology, limited space

In addition to the media, backup software will drive the experience of backing up and restoring data. Most backup software applications can handle different media types. The combination of backup media and software will determine the ease of the backup and restoration of the data.

The most current technology is to use a disk + cloud-based solution to backup data.  The software can take advantage of this by scheduling and synchronize the data offsite to ensure multiple copies are available. Our DisasterPrevent Data Protection Services uses this combination to not only back up data but to back up the entire environment. The software also gives us the flexibility to many other things with the data, such as perform individual file restores, or virtualize the entire server while the original server is down for repair.

As technology advances, a newer, better way to backup data will emerge. Today, the pinnacle of backups and Disaster Recovery are disk + cloud-based solutions, driven by intelligent backup software that can ensure your data is available and validated against data loss.


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Protecting your data is crucial

If you’re using out-dated data backup methods contact Southern Networks today to learn how we can provide up-to-date, cloud-based solutions.