Cloud Services

Are Your Prepared to Move to The Cloud?

“Cloud” is the new buzzword in the IT industry. It can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming to sift through all the cloud services available to organizations. The cloud can mean different things depending on who is speaking. Generally, the cloud refers to shifting hardware and software to a centralized, hosted location that is a protected and secure environment for your data.

Several vendors offer a cloud solution for organizations looking to shift more cloud-based infrastructure. These include Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and more. A shift to the cloud can be a strategic decision for an organization. Whether deciding between Microsoft Azure cloud services or Microsoft Office 365 as a fit for your organization, Southern Networks will work with key decision makers within your organization to lead you towards a solid cloud solution.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure allows customers to dynamically scale their infrastructure based upon resource needs.

Microsoft Office 365

The entire Office suite in a single, cloud-based environment.

Ready To Make The Switch

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