Data Backup & Restoration

Recovering data is a critical job for IT.  A catastrophic failure of your server or even of your entire location does not need to slow down your business. Your protected data can be fully restored, with the correct tools and oversight. With our DisasterPrevent™ Data Protection Services, individual files can be recovered or the entire server can be restored in minutes.

Some common misconceptions:

  • Tape backups are good enough.
  • External drives are adequate backup protection
  • USB flash drives are fine
  • Drive in a RAID array on the server protect the data

Tapes fail and the option to recover any data from them goes away. Tape drive heads also need to be cleaned on a periodic basis. External drives are heavy, cumbersome, and do not provide adequate rotation of backup data. They are simply a convenient replacement for tapes.

USB flash drives have a finite amount of reads and write that can be done to them. They will ultimately fail and lose data. They also are small and may require many of them to get a complete backup.

RAID on a server only protects data that is currently on the server while the server is running. This does not produce offline copies of the data in the event the server catastrophically fails.


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Create backups correctly and consistently

Validate backups are being paid attention to. Contact Southern Networks to learn more about the different backup methods in use today and how they compare to each other.