Disaster Prevention

Protection of your data in the event of a disaster is an essential job for IT. Standard data recovery is risky and prone to data loss. Having good backups to recover from are great, but it is far better to avert the disaster in the first place. Our DisasterPrevent™ Data Protection Services utilizes industry standard software tools and leading edge technologies to provide robust data protection.

One aspect of preventing disasters is ensuring multiple copies of the data exist in dispersed locations.  Additionally, solid archiving tools that allow for flexibility and validation are a key component to preventing data loss. Southern Networks brings experience and well-established processes together with those tools to ensure data does not become unrecoverable.

Disaster prevention can strengthen your organization in many ways by:

  • Providing flexibility for data recovery
  • Distributing multiple secured copies of your data to geographically dispersed locations
  • Validating archived data to ensure data integrity


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Data loss from disasters can be prevented

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