IT Disaster Recovery

Q: Are the backups good?

Q: How long will it take bring the server back up and running?

Q:  Will all of my data be recovered?

Q: Wil the server be back to “normal”?

These are questions that come up when recovering data. Sadly, with many solutions, these questions can’t always be answered in a positive manner. Our DisasterPrevent™ Data Protection Services can provide the answers every business stakeholder wants to hear.

A: We are positive the backups are good.  Backups are validated and tested.

A: Approximately 1 hour, depending upon the drive size we are recovering.

A: Definitely, yes. Recovery captures the entire file system, not just individual files.

A: Definitely, yes. It was the same server that was running 1 hour before failure.

Normal recovery of a server from standard backup solutions is a very uncertain task. DisasterPrevent Data Protection Services recovers the entire server in a short amount of time with absolute certainty that all data will be recovered.


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Recovering your data is essential

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