Localized server virtualization

If the server needs to be brought up quickly, but there is not hardware available to restore the backups, then the server can be locally virtualized on the DisasterPrevent™ Data Protection Services Appliance.  This appliance sits next to the existing servers and can not only manage the backups but can consolidate the backups and build a working image of the original server.  This server can then be virtualized locally to bring the original server back online until a more permanent server is made available.

With the original server back online, although running much slower, work can continue to get finished.  Backups still happen, even though the server is virtualized, so no data is lost.  All files are available to users to access and application run just as they did before the physical server crashed.  Downtime is short and operations can function.


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Locally virtualized backups will keep your operations running

Standard backup solutions cannot compare to our DisasterPrevent Data Protection Services for your organization.  Contact Southern Networks today to learn more about the entire our DisasterPrevent Data Protection Services solution.