Secure and Unlimited Offsite Backup Data Replication

To ensure data integrity is maintained, Southern Networks synchronizes two extra copies of the backups offsite. In the event of a customer site catastrophe, all backed up data can be retrieved and restored back to new hardware, or virtualized in the interim for business continuity purposes.

Offsite data, if needed, can be encrypted first to ensure that all governmental and industry regulations are met. This data is accessible by Southern Networks in the event all local onsite customer operations have been lost.

Having local copies of backups only protects you to an extent. They are useless if they are flooded, burned, or have been stolen. Data needs to be synchronized offsite, and, if needed, secured, but also accessible in the event of an emergency.  Southern Networks includes as part of our DisasterPrevent™ Data Protection Services, unlimited offsite data synchronization.


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Ensure your backup data is there when you need it.

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