Virus and Malware Protection

One of the oldest forms of protection on your network is the protection against virus and malware infections.  Every year, viruses infect tens of thousands of machines and can wreak havoc on productivity.  Viruses infect files and corrupt them, usually turning the files into a parasitic host that will help it propagate around the unprotected network.  Viruses and malware tend to not disrupt the current system it runs on.  You may see signs of an infection when the machine starts to run slowly for unknown reasons.

Malware and ransomware are also very prevalent.  These variations of viruses typically perform other functions on your machine other than spreading itself around to unsuspecting hosts.  Your machine may be turned into a crypto miner or your data may be encrypted and help for ransom by people who have no intention of releasing your data.

Endpoint protection is the primary way to fight against malicious software that infects host machines.  Anti-virus and anti-malware software is installed on all host machines, including servers, to prevent attempts at infecting hosts.  Additionally, this software can perform routine scans of the host and perform a quarantine of files, if necessary.  All hosts can be managed from a centralized console.  Hosts can be scanned.  Updates can be checked and filters can be applied.  All functions of endpoint host management become centralized.  In short, your endpoints are protected and they are managed in the most efficient manner possible, saving your company time and money.

It takes an experienced security team to understand all of the needs an organization may have.  Southern Networks’ ThreatBlock Security Services uses the most proven and reliable endpoint protection found on the market today.  For all of our clients who are under an agreement, we include endpoint protection as part of our monthly service at no extra charge.

If you would like to learn more about endpoint protection or any other IT security service your network may need, please feel free to contact our team today for a free consultation.


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