Comprehensive SPAM Protection

All email systems should have some form of SPAM prevention in place.  A SPAM filter or SPAM firewall acts as an initial filter for all incoming (and occasionally outgoing) email.  On average, over 80% of email is considered to be SPAM.  This SPAM email can contain unsolicited offerings or contain harmful attachments that can compromise your systems.  These attachments are the worst type of SPAM.  They have the potential to disrupt your operations and cause your data to be lost.  At best, they are a nuisance and eat up valuable employee productivity.

An effective SPAM filter will eliminate many of the undesirable emails that attempt to enter the network.  No SPAM filter is perfect, but the good ones quickly adapt to block future SPAM.  SPAM filters are increasingly common in organizations and they are part of a broader network security policy.  Filtering emails is one additional method used to prevent wasted employee time.  It also helps to stop malicious attacks through unsuspecting users.  An effective SPAM filter will save any organization money and it will more than pays for itself in the long term.  Some network firewalls do have SPAM filtering capabilities built in, but if they do not, it requires an additional solution.

Our security team at Southern Networks has been working with a variety of SPAM filters / SPAM firewalls for over a decade.  With our ThreatBlock Security Services, we can help you to transition to a new SPAM filter or provide assistance with your existing SPAM filter.  A properly maintained SPAM filter is necessary for efficient company operations.  Our security team will help you configure it properly and maintain it effectively to allow you to get the most value out of this important security tool.

If your organization needs a SPAM filter or you need help in managing your existing SPAM filter, please contact us to learn how our experienced security team can help.


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