Windows Network Security

One of the most critical parts of a network is Windows security.  Users must be organized and permissions must be granted to resources on a limited basis.  After all, you do not want just anyone opening up the accounting folders and increasing their salary.

For every Windows server that is installed, Microsoft has put in its own security control and management.  They call this Active Directory (AD) and it acts as a centralized repository for all user accounts.  Active Directory allows a network manager to control access to resources on the network.  Files and folders that use Active Directory security (AD security) are more secure and help to prevent unauthorized access to network resources.

Another valuable security tool that leverages AD security is Group Policy Objects (GPO).  A GPO works with Active Directory to help push forth limitations and customizations to user desktops.  Additionally, it can be used to help maintain a consistent configuration across the entire network.  It is another critical piece of any IT security policy.

Leveraging out of the box services such as Active Directory or Group Policy Objects helps to limit the attack surface of any threat that may enter into the network.  This is a best practice for any IT security group.  Restricting user interaction with their systems and restricting access to confidential files and folders prevents embarrassing data breaches and builds confidence with your clients and users.

Southern Networks can help you to utilize all the necessary services that come with your software and hardware tools.  We build Southern Networks with the foundation of Windows server.  Our certified network engineers are experts in designing and implementing all aspects of Windows, including Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy Objects (GPO).  Our ThreatBlock Security Services provides the peace of mind to an organization, knowing that their network is as safe and secure as possible.

If Windows security is a priority for your organization, contact us today to learn more about our ThreatBlock Security Services and how we can help you get secured.


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