Computer Network Monitoring & Management

RemoteFix™ Host Management
Computer Network Monitoring for Corpus Christi

Our core service, RemoteFix™ Host Management Services, is designed around the ideas that your network should run as efficiently as possible with as little downtime as possible. That, in turn, saves you money, it increases your productivity, and it removes the computer as an obstacle and makes it a tool. Managing networks efficiently and effectively requires planning, coordination, experience, and great processes to bring it all together.

RemoteFix™ Host Management Services

Computer Network Management

An unmanaged network equals downtime and lost revenue.

End-to-End Network Monitoring

Issue Detection and Visibility

Helpdesk Support

Desktop Issue Resolution

Vendor Coordination

Ensures Effective Resolutions

Budget Planning

Consistent Upgrade Path

Monthly Reviews

Great Customer Relationship

Patch Management

Vulnerability Protection

Group Policy Management

A key management component of our RemoteFix Host Management Services

Are you getting the most out of your IT?

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All networks need to be managed.  Unmanaged and incorrectly managed networks will fail, causing data to be lost, productivity to go down, and ultimately it will have a noticeable financial impact on the company.


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