Vendor Compliance & Coordination

Working with outside IT Vendors can be frustrating and time-consuming.  It seems as though you must know an entirely different language in order to communicate effectively with them.

As part of our RemoteFix™ Host Management Services, Southern Networks takes the lead on all interactions with IT vendors.  We know how to talk their language and move things forward.

This includes:


  • Scheduling calls and appointments
  • Becoming the point of contact with the vendor
  • Managing expectations with the vendor
  • Effectively communicating the needs of the customer to the vendor
  • Validating the vendor’s issue is resolved appropriately
  • Initiating trouble tickets with the vendor


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Free yourself from the headache of working with outside IT vendors

Let Southern Networks take the point with your IT vendors to quickly move issues forward. Contact Southern Networks to learn more about how we interact with IT vendors, which are included in our RemoteFix Host Management Services.